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Life @ CTX

Commitment. Trust. eXcellence


At CTX, we pledge to continuously search for better ways to relate to our customers, partners, new markets, new products and above all our communities.

  • Quality consciousness
  • Innovative culture
  • Excellence
  • Respect for environment 
  • Cohesive team-work
  • Collaborative approach with customers

Code of Conduct

  • We build relationship with customers, vendors, employees and treat every individual with respect and dignity in business and with right ethics.
  • Continually improve health, safety and environmental performance through innovative plant designs, ongoing review of processes, procedures and training.

Innovative work environment

“My people are my real assets” 

– Mr. Jayantibhai Jariwala (Chairman)

  • We encourage individuals to be open to new idea, promote cross functional collaboration and transparency among all.
  • Always promoting thinking outside the box for innovative approach to make work fun.
  • Using modern software tools to enhance productivity and driving innovation.
  • We believe in providing our employees with opportunities for their development. 
  • Develop and empower employees for leadership roles and to exceed and push their boundaries.

My people are my real assets.

Employee Welfare

Employees are the driver and the superstructure of our corporate organization. CTX growth has been on the forward passion of the growth of our employees. 

Employee welfare is a comprehensive term including various services, facilities and amenities provided to employees for their betterment and personal and professional growth. Our purpose of employee welfare is to improve the life standard of the employees and their family and thereby in a longer run to make them passionate, a positive change driver and responsible citizen.

Welfare includes everything that is done for the comfort and improvement of employees and their close ones and is much more over simply the wages. CTX Lifesciences has been successful retain majority of our employees due to the employee welfare and keeping motivated the employees.

CTX Lifesciences employee welfare includes constant improvement of working conditions of factories and offices, maintaining industrial harmony through Infrastructure for health, Transportation, Health insurance for self and their close family, Accidental Insurance, Canteen facilities, education assistance to the family members, loan facilities for house, vehicle, medical treatment and arranging many cultural and educational programmes for the employee and their family members.

Training and Development

  • CTX Lifesciences rides on their passionate, dedicated to over exceed in performance and synergy of its employees.
  • CTX has always been committed to enhance and share knowledge and leadership quotient through constant Training and development.
  • Development of appropriate knowledge, favorable attitudes and suitable skills enable employees to perform their assigned duties and task with minimum effort and maximum results. Various Training and development programmed are imparted regularly to ensure the smooth professional journey for employees.
  • Every employees of CTX is entrusted with motivating, challenging and interesting assignments which test employees’ knowledge. Training and Development are conducting on regular basis to enhance the technical skills, managerial skills, behavioral skills and empowering the employees to take the appropriate and correct decision.